We are an executive search company specialising in transportation, logistics and commercial real estate sectors.

We focus on CIS market professionals – both local and expatriates.

Our practical business experiences in these sectors and knowledge of the players and specifics of their businesses from within makes it easy “to speak the same language” with our Clients and Candidates.

Our mission is to find the best suitable professionals from the entire market for the business needs of our Client. We also dedicate our time to identify what would be the best career step for the professionals we work with.

Our goal is to be recognised as the best industry-specialised executive search company in CIS.

*** What is CxO?

CxO (Chief x Officer), a generic term for any Corporate officer, such as CEO (chief executive officer) and other roles within the company (CFO, COO, CCO, CIO etc.)
Modern corporations commonly use these terms to describe their C-level executives.